Shearing machine


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Attendere il caricamento del filmato (segnalato dall'avanzamento della linea di stato) prima di cliccare PLAY.
Attend the loading of the film (marked from the advance of the state line) before clicking PLAY.
Assister au chargement du film (marqué de l'avance de la ligne) avant de click PLAY.

D1 - Windows/doors and other frames

Nr. 20 Windows/H (6 persons)

• Monohead sawing machines
• Hinge milling machine
• Complementary pneumatic perforating machine
• Automatic facing machine
• Equipment for assembling

D1 - Fabbrication serruries - vetrines - cabines

Nr. 20 fénêtre/H (6 personnes)

• Tronconneuse monotête
• Fraiseuse à copier
• Fraiseuse en bout
• Poinçonneuse pneumatique complémentaire
• Equipements variés montage