Torrefattore Combi 10

Roasting machine Combi 10

Torrefacteur Combi 10

Formato MPEG1
1Mb 40 sec. - No download

Attendere il caricamento del filmato (segnalato dall'avanzamento della linea di stato) prima di cliccare PLAY.
Attend the loading of the film (marked from the advance of the state line) before clicking PLAY.
Assister au chargement du film (marqué de l'avance de la ligne) avant de click PLAY.

A6 - Coffee roasting unit standard

Kg. 25/H (2-3 persons)

• Roasting machine
• Mobile tank
• Packaging machine
• Weighing machine table type
• Coffee grinder 360 lt.

A6 - Torrefaction standard

Kg 25/H (2-3 personnes)

• Torrefacteur
• Moulin a cafè
• Pèseuse electronique
• Conditionneuse
• Chariot-caisse 360 lt.